Creative Ideas for Beautiful Church Wedding Flowers

Published: 16th August 2011
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Church wedding flowers can be as full and elaborate as you like or they can be as simple as one elegant arrangement and still make a huge statement.

The charm is in which flowers you choose. I have seen weddings where only green arrangements have been used such as ferns or a mixture of different kinds of greenery such as ivy, boxwood, lily grass, lemon leaf, and myrtle. The later makes a very lovely arrangement and by using a mixture of different leaves, it makes for a very interesting piece. No flowers are necessary, but of course they can be used if desired.

A deep green arrangement makes a wonderful backdrop for the bridal flowers and keeps them as the focal flowers as well. Green arrangements can create a lush landscape in any setting with any theme from Victorian to tropical.

A real bonus with green arrangements is that one can always find a variety of cuttings for free… either in the wild or in a personal garden. They also last much longer than cut flowers which makes them ideal for early placement before the wedding.

Live plants are another good choice when doing green arrangements. Boston ferns have been used for a long time in this way, but there are so many other choices. Visit a local nursery to see what is available. Mix and match as you please to create the effect you like.

Potted plants can be arranged in a large container like a cut flower arrangement. They are often referred to as a European Dish Garden and they can be just as beautiful as a floral design. The beauty of this idea is that the plants can be planted after the wedding. They can be given as gifts or used in a memory garden.

Containers for potted plants offer an exciting change to the traditional floral containers. Faux stone containers are light weight and very easy to transport. They can be left as they are or painted any color to match the wedding theme. Fabric or foam board are also options that can be used to cover the containers for a different effect.

Sheet moss can be used for an organic look. This is a great idea when using real topiaries or they can be made by placing a Styrofoam ball on a wooden branch or dowel. Place the branch into a pot of plaster of paris and then into a decorative container. Twigs or curly willow can be used to enhance the main branch. Add sheet moss to the foam ball with glue or fishing line.

Fresh flowers and ivy can be added to the topiary to make a very impressive arrangement. They can be placed around the ball to completely cover it or in one or two places. Another small arrangement with a lovely ribbon looks good at the base of the branch. Be sure to cover the top of the container with moss (at the soil level).

Topiaries can be used in any area of the venue, on the floor, tables, alter, foyer, etc. They can also be inexpensive to construct and are very showy. They can be any size from small table top to very large floor pieces.

I hope you have found some good ideas to make your church wedding flowers as unique as you are! I'd love to hear your ideas and successful endeavors during your wedding process.

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